Thursday, January 01, 2009

1.1.09 - and so we begin

And so we begin a new year. Full of promise. Full of hope. Full of fear. Full of change. New years are always so full when we start them. We want to do everything at once. To realize the potential and finish what we start. Then, when the instant gratification of easily realized potential or things that finish fast fade, we realize that we have that full year ahead to do the rest.

Some of us rise to the challenge. Dig into every new adventure. Push through the pain and misadventures.

Some us just bob along like that little red and white bobber on the end of a fishing line, just floating along waiting for the fish to pull us in.

Some of us do a little bit of both. I think I'm a bit like this last category. My best of intentions often end up bobbing along the water's surface waiting to be pulled toward my destiny. Other times, I figure it out and do it, do it, do it!

This year, I'd like to "do it, do it, do it" more and bob about a little less.

This is my list (so far) of things where I believe I need to apply the "do it, do it, do it" philosophy.

1. I have some research to do, plans to put in place and a whole lot of praying about Alzheimer's Disease.

2. I have sweaters to knit and lace to block and heels to turn.

3. I have 6x9 rectangles to crochet into 7x7 rectangular blankets for our wounded warriors. Designed and delivered by HAP (link on the side bar)

4. I have bills to pay. Things to sell to help pay off the bills. Things to donate to get them out of the house.

5. I have food to plan and prepare. Healthy food. Food that will enable me to be healthier - which will lead to weight loss and lower blood pressure.

6. I have a house to organize, to cull, to pare down, to ready for eventual sale. This house will be too big for just Mom and me. It is also a bit far from the doctors and resources Mom will need and the friends she remembers.

These are not resolutions. This is a list of things that have been bopping about in my head that needed to be written out to make them clear to me. And, really, all of these are just topic sentences for much longer chapters in the book of my life. Definitely not resolutions. More like my abbreviated "to do" list.

I'm off to a good start on this first day of 2009: 1.5 afghans are crocheted together; two 6" squares are finished for Dan; 3/4 of a sock cuff is complete; 1/4 of the second glove is complete; the stole will be blocked and photos taken tomorrow (blocking pictures)and Saturday (dried and beauty shots).

Tomorrow is grocery shopping for good food. Most of the holiday junk is gone. Time to bring in the new! better! best! food. :)

Over the weekend, the budget will be drafted. All the bills are in hand and the new spreadsheet will be set up. Dave Ramsey, here I come. Well, a modified Dave Ramsey until after the February Cruise!

I have a number of books and websites picked out to begin my AD research.

I want to journal, note the changes, the successes, my reaction, my analysis of my reaction.

Finally -- Prayer - beginning and ending each day in silent reflection and/or organized prayer - a decade of the rosary; a plea for sanity, for patience, for love. Continued prayer when I need an extra boost through the day! I think these midday needs will be greater than I can even imagine at this moment!

If you pray, send up a little missive for me and my Mom and my boys. There is a long road ahead of us.

Until next time.

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Cindy said...

Find an AD Association chapter near you. They are an amazing resource. They can help you with legal resources and day care and long term resources. I don't really know what I'd do without ours. And, of course, you are in my prayers.