Saturday, January 24, 2009

1.24.09 - good medicine

My friend, Shelly, over at This Eclectic Life needs your help making and filling good medicine bags for the children of Camp Sanguinity.

The bags need to be about 4" square, with a loop for hanging around the neck of a child taking a much needed vacation from cancer treatment, or a child taking a much needed break from their sibling's cancer treatment. Last year, Shelly and her minions (400 people) made enough squares for the 140 blankets of 48 squares each, one blanket for each camper. She received such an overwhelming response, the hospital received a bunch of blankets as well. This year, the minions have shrunk - considerably - to a total of 8 as of today. Shelly has received only 44 of the 140 bags needed.

The bags don't have to be fancy - unless you want to be very creative. The 4" size is just big enough to hold three charms and hang around the campers neck to let them know we are out there supporting them. They do not have to be knit or crochet. They could be fabric or leather. So, if you quilt or sew, you could make a little bag and send it along to Shelly! Or you could knit or crochet a bag or two and send them along to Shelly.

Besides the bags, tokens are needed. Little things you probably have hanging around your house. A little figure. A foreign coin. A shark's tooth or shell. I sent some Mardis Gras coins. Shelly needs three items for each bag - so she needs 420 little tokens to fill the bags.

Won't you help, just a little? Many hands make light work! If you step up, Shelly can reach her goal of many different hands helping the campers - rather than doing it all herself - and we can all spread a little sunshine to a bunch of campers really in need of a lift!

Stop by This Eclectic Life and check it out!

Until next time.

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This Eclectic Life said...

You are such a doll to post about this! And, I appreciate the hard work you have done. We are going to get there...and many hands ARE going to help. I just know it.

Thank you for everything.