Monday, January 05, 2009

1.5.09 - Special Olympics

Delft Blue and White scarves were requested for the Special Olympics, using Red Heart Super Saver. The Coats & Clark site put up two patterns. I chose a different one from a crochet book I have.

When I googled before, the Coats and Clark site was the only one I found specifics on. Today, while looking for the link for the blog post, I found the "History of the Scarf Project" at the Special Olympics site. They disagree on size.

The Coats and Clark patterns yield the following sizes: Knit Scarf: 5¾" wide x 60" long; Crochet Scarf: 5¾" wide x 64" long.

The Special Olympics site asks for 4 1/2" wide x 50" long.

Mine is closer to the Coats and Clark size. I hope it is still acceptable. I'm sending it anyway.

SO Scarf

If you want to participate, they'd like to receive the scarves in Idaho by January 15th. So, you better get cracking!

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