Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday: Synopsis of a Week

With the best of intentions I refreshed and re-started the blog here.  Then... things went you know where in a special basket around my world.  Not as bad as it could be - but definitely wearing away at my creative and desire to update my adventures.  I'm not going to apologize.  I'll just say, I'll be here when I'm here!

I offer you a synopsis of my previous week to 12 days:

Now that you're all caught up.  What?  Oh, you want some explanations.

Mom has been having in-home physical therapy to help her regain some stamina and energy and such.  The visiting nurses discovered a pressure sore.  I've been learning to care for that and taking Mom to appointments for others to keep an eye out.  In the nursing arena, I've also learned how to give B12 shots.

When I was a young girl, first or second grade, I wanted to be a nurse.  I outgrew that desire after many visits to hospitals, doctors, etc.  Now, I'm a nurse - sort of!

I started coughing with a painful face and such a little over a week ago.  Last Sunday, the voice had hit the Bass level and I turned into Mr. C ~~ and not the dad from Happy Days!  My seasonal allergies often have me singing Bass and I'm generally mistaken for a man on the phone.  Turns out this was not just (or, possibly, even) seasonal allergies, but bronchitis and sinusitis.  On top of that, I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure.  So, I've been taking new meds and getting used to this new regime for the past week.

My face feels a bet better.  I'm still coughing and don't think the bronchi are completely clear.  We will see what progress on Wednesday morning when I go in for blood work and an ekg.  Time to take care of me - according to me and my new doctor!

Since I was feeling poorly and taking care of me and Mom, I didn't drain the pool cover immediately after the last two rain storms.  Nobody was home to use the pool anyway.

I decided on Thursday that I needed to clear the water off the cover.  I placed the pump on the cover and let it go for a couple of hours.  I went out to adjust the pump's location and discovered hundreds and hundreds, nay, THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of tadpoles on my pool cover!!  Every rivulet of water not yet drained had this and many more tadpoles of various sizes swimming round and round.

I did not exaggerate on the thousands... my pool cover is 20'x40'... this little 6"x10" section has >25 tadpoles of various sizes.

After a major freak out - posting the picture and a little video on Facebook and Ravelry... I got my leaf basket/scoop net and scooped leaves and tadpoles and other stuff off the cover and into the brush behind the pool.  Today - we are tadpole free.   

Jungle taming came by hiring someone to tame the yard, the garden and the gutters.  Peaceful, beautiful yard today.  And I am grinning...

and still coughing....

and still knitting....

and still reading....

and still playing on the computer.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

New paint on the wall and sheeeeeee's baaaa-aaack!

I have been away from the blog for the summer.  I've been busy and life has been hectic and I've not had much to say.  Well, that's probably not strictly true, but I didn't really have time to say it!

Medical appointments for Mom, work and such have kept me hopping.  It's been so darn hot all summer I haven't done a  lot of 'memorable' things.

But I'm back, for now, and hopefully I'll be a more frequent updater than in recent days.

Here are a few things I've been doing:


My first Baby Surprise Jacket!  Still needs buttons and ends woven, as well as the white buttons.

I also made a hat and a blanket:
Baby's Hat
Baby's Blanket

These are for Sean's Baby Boy - due at the end of August.  They will be finished and in the mail on Wednesday!!!!

Another cousin, Ami, is due with her first child in October.  Stealth knitting is going on for her baby girl.  I'd show you, but my family reads and I'd like her to be surprised!  :)

Other endeavors, mostly failed or barely executed, for the summer:  
  • planting veggies - all died due to extreme heat and a late start
  • clearing the clutter - plans were made, plans were not executed, plans have been remade, hope to execute as the weather cools
  • debt reduction - plans have been made, budgets have been made and (mostly) followed.  Long way to go, but I'm determined
  • Selling stuff - plans have been made, listing will soon begin, though I have sold a few things on while I'm learning the ropes of other venues.  I will be selling the stuff I de-clutter; selling stuff I knit, crochet, paint, bead, whatever; selling books and DVDs and such.  I'm learning the ins and outs of eBay, Craigslist, and Etsy!
Look for links in the future to the Etsy shop and my eBay listings and yard sale woes!

Glad to be back.  Looking forward to recording All My Great Adventures once again!