Monday, January 26, 2009

1.25.09 - or so

It is after midnight - again - yet I'm calling this Sunday because I am still awake!

Busy day here at Chez Radarkaty.

Younger son headed back to college today. One semester down and many more to go! He got himself all together, packed and ready to go. With a hug or two, I sent him off to new adventures.

After I sent him on his way, I went to a friend's house. She is a crocheter and she wanted to learn to knit. We spent a few hours working on garter stitch baby booties. I left her working hers with the promise to come back and help her with the next step, as well as a pointer to in case she wanted to proceed without me.

I went home and finished the one I started at her house and then made the second. All the knitting is done. I'll be finishing the seaming tomorrow. In the meantime, I've cast on for the matching hat. Hope to finish the hat and the seaming tomorrow so I can send the set out to the sponsor of the January Project of the Knitters Cherish Life group on Ravelry.

Have you joined Ravelry? Why NOT? :)


Marcia said...

What a great project on which to start your friend out. Ravelry. Hm. I joined but, as my little niece would say, it nords my brain. It just didn't click in my head. *shrug*

Wendy said...

Finished my square for the "Loves" took me all day to I am working on some medicine bags in boy colors and style...