Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Dec 1 - a time to win!

Tomorrow is Mom's Radiation Graduation Day!  Yay!  Today was a win - the second to the last trip to Annapolis until the periodic follow up appointments (Jan, Mar and Sept 2010)!

And Today YOU can win - YARN.  Denise is celebrating her 4th Knitting Anniversary with a little contest on her blog -  Knitting in the Wild - Life on Clear Creek.  To win, visit her blog, pick your favorite of the two yarns displayed and then leave a comment naming the yarn - oh, also, you need to spread the word.  Easy-peasy.  May the best namer win!

Me?  I'm winning at a new hat design for my son for Christmas.  He wanted a simple beanie in Navy with a Bright Yellow "7" on it.  I wanted to knit in the round and intarsia in the round is somewhat difficult.  Soooo, I'm designing an intarsia flap.  The beginning of the flap (a 15 stitch by 20 row block) is connected to row 20 (or so of the hat).  I made 15 extra stitches and put every other one on a DPN (picture below,  I have since moved them to a stitch holder for ease in knitting the rest).  Now I'll knit the the next 20 rows in the round.  Pause the hat knitting to knit the flap, then join the flap stitches with the rest of the hat to finish it off.  Using a mattress stitch, I'll join the side seams of the flap to the corresponding rows.  Son gets the hat he'd like to have.  I get to knit in the round!  Win!

Details and a pattern and more pictures will be posted at some point.  I'm taking notes as I go.  Hope the theory in my head works out in practice.  So far so good!