Friday, January 15, 2010

Good things for Haiti

I belong to the Completely Pointless and Arbitrary Group on  It is mostly completely pointless and arbitrary except when bad things happen to good people and they group rallies around to support their fellows.  Besides personal help and the spreading of mojo, prayers and good vibrations for the group participants, certain CPaAGers wanted to reach out and help with the Haitian recovery efforts.

With the disaster in Haiti on everyone's mind and feeling the need to help in some way - KnittyBe dreamed up an auction to raise money to help.

Artists of every kind are donating their wares.  Knitting to order, already knit items, home-made canned goods, jewelry, art, fictional writing as well as many lovely stash enhancers are being auctioned through the weekend to help raise funds for various charities that are helping the devastated in Haiti.

How it works:  The offers have been made and the hosts have put them into a bidding order.  Each offer is posted and bids are accepted over a 2 hour period.  (Check post 2 in the thread to see what is coming up when).  The offeror suggests a charity - like the Red Cross or Doctors without Borders or some such.  The winning bidder than sends the bid amount to the charity.  Sends a receipt for that donation to the offeror.  The offeror then sends the item(s) won to winner!

Winners all around!  Go check it out. 

If you are a Ravelry member, check out the Auction and join the bidding war for these lovelies.  DigitalDurga's homemade goodies fetched the record bid so far - $170.00!

If you are not a member of Ravelry, this is the perfect opportunity to join!

I have no funds to help and offers have been closed at this point.  My participation includes cheering on the bidders and sending YOU to the group to join the fun and help as you can.

Because of the overwhelming success, and because more help will be needed with the news stories cease to fill our airwaves, this charity auction will become a monthly event for a while.  If you are flat broke (like me!), remember to come back around Valentine's Day for the next auction.  Offers are already coming in for that!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy 2010!

Hope you are all having a GOOD Friday.  I have been knitting and care-taking and entertaining and cooking and baking and playing games on Facebook.  Blogging?  Not so much.

I wanted to start out the new year with an entry of good things.  2009 had a lot of negativity and I was ready for it to be gone.  However, thinking about the negatives, I found some positives.

Mom did have cancer.  But it was caught fairly early and, after some scary, life-threatening side effects from chemotherapy, she survived to radiation and now is on the down swing of therapy.  Her hair is growing back.  I was able to work from home for five months and will be working from home 2 - 3 days a week until she's really on the mend, or some other care-taking solution presents itself.

My older son seems to have found some direction in his life - finally.  He'll be starting EMT training next week.   He has already qualified as a volunteer firefighter and hopes to ride ambulance duty when his EMT training is complete.

I knit a lot of hats for Christmas - all were well received!  Alas, I forgot to take pictures of every one.

Here is the Meret I made for my son's girl friend... she's hardly taken it off since she got it!  And would like two more - one in purple, one in black!

I shall have to hog-tie the boys to get their hats photographed!

It has been a pretty good Friday.  I hope to continue Shelly's Good on Friday posting this year.  I'll try to find good outside myself as the year goes on!

Happy 2010, dear readers!

edited because I had grammar/spelling goofs.  There may be more.  I apologize to the grammar police in advance!  :)