Wednesday, January 21, 2009

1.21.09 - random and not so

outside single

Click into the picture for the whole Flickr set. The color on the folded part to the left is the truest I could get. It turned out great!

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Mom had her biopsy today and will have the follow on doctor's appointment next Thursday. I really really hate the wait! We have a cruise paid for and ready to take in February and the longer it takes to get results, the less certain we are about going. We didn't buy insurance. I hope and prayer her results are benign and we can sail away to the Caribbean for 10 days.

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Younger son got a new laptop to take back to college. He didn't get one in the Fall, when he started. He thought he could get by with his desktop, but (a) the desktop is kind of dying, slowing down and giving him fits; (b) the desktop isolates him from the roomies (4 guys - 2 in each bedroom with a center sitting area; the others have laptops and sit in the sitting area, younger son has to go to his desk in his bedroom); (c) he can't take his desktop to class for note taking and research; and (d) he feels like the odd man out being the only one he knows without his own laptop.

Older son is jealous. But, as I told him, he as almost exclusive use of my laptop right now. He doesn't need one. He just wants one. His use is pretty much limited to Facebook and MySpace and some kind of chat room he visits, as well as the occasional Google.

I'm jealous because younger son's laptop is nicer than mine! :) It has the full keyboard including the number pad. Mine is just the qwerty pad with the numbers across the top. It is also thinner, lighter and, of course, newer! Oh, and it cost $500 less than I paid 4 or so years ago.

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I've been waiting over two years for a promised promotion. With President Obama tightening the belts of his staff, it looks like I'll be waiting a while longer. I'm not sure, but it's a pretty good bet that this belt-tightening will trickle down to me, too. :(


Robbyn said...

I'm looking at a new laptop too - not immediately, but signs are that this one is getting...tired :) Amazing how the prices have come down. I never thought they would - but I'm grateful.

Holding a good thought for your mom - and for you too!

Marcia said...

what absolutely beautiful knitting. I'm hopeful that it goes well with your mom's biopsy.

trek said...

Great job on the lace!

The Box Tops deadline on our end is the 27th of Feb (sorry, couldn't locate an email sddress for you).

PS - My new laptop was purchased in December because my desktop was doing very strange things. Very strange. Things never before seen in a computer. I really like the new laptop though adjusting to the lack of dedicated PgUp, PgDown, Home, and End keys has been odd. And the location of the '\' key.... But it's got a sweet widescreen monitor with a full gig of video ram and a number pad.