Tuesday, January 13, 2009

1.13.09 - hustle and bustle

Today had a bit more hustle and bustle than I anticipated. My list of yesterday was unfulfilled in several aspects.

Shelly's bags got sent off. While later than I promised, I'm sure they'll be there in plenty of time for their need.

The stole is still unblocked because the only room I can block it in is blocked with boxes I was too tired to fill and store last night and today.

Today has been a little stressful as well. Mom found a lump in her breast before Christmas. Saw the doctor Jan 5. Had mammogram and sonogram on Jan 7. Met with the surgeon today who will be scheduling a core biopsy as soon as there is an opening at the Imaging Center. We'll know by lunch time tomorrow when that will be. It is all moving a little faster than I anticipated based on the experience of others.

The lump is definitely NOT a cyst. It is not filled with fluid. The doctor said the tumor was 'lobular' in appearance. The lobes clearly defined on the sonogram. It presents as a pretty hard little lump. We won't know if it is a benign fatty tumor or a not-so-benign cancerous tumor until after the biopsy.

Therefore, it is good that it is moving faster than anticipated. It's just a little unnerving!

I take the knitting along, but now I need to find a few straight knitting projects. The lace and the cables are too intense for waiting rooms and the up and down of answer questions and going from this office to that room to yet another office. I'll be looking around for a hat or two that can be mindless worked until the decreasing rounds.

Thanks for stopping by!


Kary said...

Wishing you & your mom the best of luck! HugZ!!

Robbyn said...

Kathleen -You and your mom are in my thoughts and I'm sending good, strong vibes. Please let us know what happens!

Wendy said...

So very scary when things are moving so very fast.....I again wish I was there to give you a big hug, and just sit there with you when you need someone to be there....a nice firm yet soft shoulder to lean on or cry on....
You are in my thoughts and prayers..always....take care my friend....
Big Hugs