Thursday, January 15, 2009

1.15.09 - mid-month

Winter has finally taken hold. We haven't got the snow, and we aren't as bad as Chicago, or Minnesota, or Iowa - but 10F going down to 5F is the coldest it's been in this area at this time of year in over 14 years! The forecast says the low tonight is supposed to be 11F, but since it is already 10F I guess they are wrong. Imagine that. The weather prediction is wrong. :)

I hope all the travelers heading to the Inauguration bring their long johns, hand knits, fleeces, hand warmers, thermoses and more... because it is going to be COLD standing out for the parade and the ceremonies. Of course, there appears to be a warming trend, yet 30F doesn't sound too warm either! see note on previous paragraph on the possibility that this trend holds true.

I finished the third pattern repeat for the back piece of Mom's sweater. I seem to have hit a good rhythm and may have it finished tomorrow night. WooT!

Until next time.

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