Friday, January 02, 2009

1.2.09 - Special Olympics

Lightning Bolt 1
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I read about the Special Olympics drive for knitted or crocheted scarves to be given to the participants of the 2009 Winter Games quite a while ago.

For a time, the Delft Blue was difficult to find though I found some last October. Even though I found it three months ago, I waited until today to pick it up and do something with it!

Looking through some of my old magazines as I was cleaning up, I found a neat pattern in the October 2003 Hooked On Crochet! magazine -- Lily Chin's Lightening Bolt.

This afternoon, I began a Delft Blue and White version of the scarf.

It needs to be mailed on Monday, so I better get crackin'!

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Wendy said...

I have 2 scarves for the special olympics, that I did, but have no way of mailing them out now....I feel so badly and had so much enjoyment in doing them.
I guess soem local charity will end up with scarves the colors of the Special Olympics....
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a Hapy safe New yeat...and hope that 2009 shines brighter for you....