Sunday, January 11, 2009

1.11.09 - Sunday

Not wanting to miss out on a day of blogging, here I come with little to say!

I look about me and see so much that needs to be done, yet have no energy, nor any desire to accomplish these many things. My house is in dire need of organization, culling, cleaning, fixing, and more. Yet, I have done little to effect the necessary changes.

I have, however, accompanied my mother to lunch. Shopped a little for some much needed additions for her bedroom that we hope will help her sleep a little better (egg crate style mattress pad and a new pillow). Returned a too small Christmas gift. Had lunch at On The Border.

We generally like that restaurant, but today was not up to par. Service was slow, though the restaurant was not busy. The food was over done and brought in stages. Mom ordered fajitas. The grilled (burnt) chicken and veggies were sizzling hot, but the tortillas had not been made and hence had not been delivered with the meal. She complained a bit to the waiter, but didn't want to involve the manager. She just decided she wouldn't eat there any time soon and never again on the weekend. (She and her friends gather there several times over the year, normally on a weekday.)

When we got home, I turned to my crocheting. I made two medicine bags for Shelly's Medicine Bag project. Shocked my son by finishing the last one in under an hour! :)

I joined Mom in the family room to watch the Golden Globes. Less than halfway through I announced I had had enough. I didn't know most of the movies, knew only about half of the nominees and didn't really care for the presenters. I must be getting old.

Perhaps it's just the day. Today would have been my 23rd wedding anniversary. Hard to believe. I always think this day will have no effect on me. After all, before I was widowed, almost 10 years ago, I was separated and heading for a divorce. But, almost always, I am affected in small, sad ways - thinking of the what ifs and what might have beens.


Wendy said...

After what you have told me I can understand why you are feeling the way you are....It was hard the way things had to have taken it's toll on you and I am sure that deep down you at sone point probaby even blamed yourself...I do not wathc any of the award shows anymore, do not ever get to go to the movies let alone rent one, and do not listen to much music, excet in the car and that is not an often Like you I do not know what from I do not watch them, now Jack does, just because even though he also does not know what from who...
I hope you have a better day tomorrow (even if it is Monday....)
Big snowy Michigan Hugs

gemma said...

Dear Kath
I'm sorry your day has been so sad.
I'm a bit like you and am not familiar with some of the movies that won awards, so feel less than inspired by the whole carry on of the show. It would not distract me if I were feeling a bit off about life.
Hope your mom is more comfortable now with the new bedding.

Really hope your year brightens up as the weather warm.
sunshine wishes from down under.