Saturday, January 10, 2009

1.10.09 - Feeling Froggy

I've got sneezes and wheezes and a deepening voice - winter cold coming on! :( I'll be froggy-throated for a couple of weeks. :(

The sweater I began so smartly and showed off in the previous post has hit the frogginess, too.

To begin, I cast on 148 stitches. Or so I thought. On row three I realized I had missed one stitch. I fixed it instead of frogging. Using a crochet hook, I picked up a stitch from the cast on and created stitches on each row. Vóila - 148 stitches.

I continued to knit and, at about row 9, I noticed a missing cable. I isolated those four stitches. Raveled down to the necessary spot. FIXED the missing cable with the help of US4 dpns and continued on.

Two major errors. Fixed without frogging. I was so proud!!!

Then, about 4 rows after fixing the cable, I missed another. While trying to determine where, I realized I had been repeating the pattern incorrectly. The instructions tell me to work one edge stitch then begin at the appropriate size and repeat the pattern across the row. From the appropriate size start column to the end of the chart there are 33 stitches. The pattern repeat section is 21 stitches. I was do the entire 33 stitches as the repeat, instead just for the first section of the row! AACCKKK!!!

Frogged to begin anew.

Thankfully, I'd only gone 13 rows and not the 13" to the armhole decreases!

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