Sunday, January 04, 2009

1.4.09 - End of long weekends

...for a little while! In two weeks, I'll have another 4 day weekend (Martin Luther King Holiday and Inauguration Day). Three weeks after that I'm off for a two week vacation (Feb 11 - 24). March and April are going to be rough after all this 'off' time in December, January and February!

Today was laundry day. And cooking dinner. And finishing a HAP afghan.

I didn't accomplish even half of what I wanted to get done over the past two weeks of more days off than days at work. Instead of the knitting, cleaning, organizing, crocheting and other much needed household chores, I fell into a few books I received or that I have had on my bookshelves beckoning me to read them and absorb their messages. I've been reading more these past two weeks than I have in the past three, nay SIX, months!

The books that called me:

Amazing Grace for those Who Suffer, edited by Jeff Cavens and Matthew Pinto. An inspiring collection of essays written by people that found great Grace while going though amazingly painful life lessons. None of the stories is my story. None of them are just like me. All of them have touched me in an indescribable way.

Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light, the private writings of the "Saint of Calcutta", edited and with commentary by Brian Kolodiejchuk, M.C. Mother Teresa has long been a favorite of mine. What an inspiring life she had and what great suffering she endured as she answered the call to "come be My light." I'm only about halfway through this one, but I look forward to the rest of the journey.

Amazing Grace: A Vocabulary of Faith by Kathleen Norris. Another fabulous book showing one woman's journey of faith and conversion. Each chapter or story deals with a word or a concept that she had to figure out in order to move forward, to accept her faith. It is a fabulous book. One that I will re-read, a bit at a time, as I live through my own journey. Each segment could easily be a stand alone topic for meditation and reflection.

Each of these books has touched a need for something in my life. I am so blessed to have them.

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trek said...

Hope you got off with less laundry than me today: I'm on load #8 and #9 is waiting in the wings :O

Mother T was one cool lady!