Friday, January 16, 2009

1.16.09 - relaxing

It is Friday. The work day is done. The boys are all home. No more rides here or there for another day. I get to sit and relax and look forward to my four day weekend! Yippee!

I have big plans for the weekend. I intend to be busy about my house.

  • Cleaning (many rooms)
  • Laundry (a lot)
  • Sorting (yarn)
  • Knitting (on one of my many projects)
  • Cooking (regular meals)
  • Storing (Christmas, clothes, books)
  • Disposing (torn, tattered, unnecessary stuff)
  • Sorting (financial papers)
  • Shredding (old financial/personal papers)
  • Sorting (kitchen cabinets)
  • Knitting (on one of my many projects)
  • Cooking (extra for next week, soups, proteins)
  • Knitting (on one of my many projects)
  • Filing (paperwork requiring retention)
  • Sorting (stuff to sell)
  • Knitting (on one of my many projects)
  • Blocking (finished objects)
  • Crocheting (HAP afghans)
  • Shopping (for cruise clothes in my closet!)

My actions do not always match my intentions - but I plan to give it the old college try.

Tonight, I am relaxing in between my prep for tomorrow... I emptied the laundry baskets of clean clothes; sorted the laundry to start tomorrow; cleared a path to the clothes in the closet; and put the Diet Pepsi in to chill!

Hopefully, I will remember that an early bedtime will ensure an early and fruitful start to the mega-list above and will take my own advice to retire at a reasonable time... rather than looking up and realizing - Oh, No. It's 1 AM!

Until next time.

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Wendy said...

I had to sit here and snicker about the turning in at a reasonable hour, I need to do that myself, but oh so love to be up after everyone else is asleep, and having some peace.....
Good luck on the list...I too need to empty the baskets of clean clothes, so that I can again fill them with clean clothes that first need to be washed....the pile is ever growing....Oh how I hate laundry....