Monday, June 26, 2006

And the rains came after all the creatures - two by two -

had entered the Ark. Well... this fella must've left his partner in the creek!

He traveled a long way - from our backyard through our front lawn to the street's edge...

The rain seems never ending. When the skies start to clear and the sun shines for five minutes, we have hope... then the thunder starts to rumble and the skies start to darken and the deluge happens again!!! The Weather Center is predicted this pattern to continue through Tuesday night. Flash flood warnings for my county and a couple of neighboring ones. Mudslides onto the Capital Beltway snarled traffic this morning. Flooded streets left motorists and others stranded. And no relief is in sight.

It does make for good crafting weather! I don't really want to go anywhere as long as the rains may start up again at any moment. I already drove through two thunderstorms with wicked rains on Thursday and Sunday nights. I'm ready to stay indoors tonight!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Taking a break (obviously!)

I've been busy with work, with family, with house, with pool, with life in general and I'm taking a blog break.

Hope to stretch my limited literary and photographic muscles in a few weeks!

See ya then!