Saturday, April 29, 2006


Well, I have again been less than diligent in posting my adventures. But, really, who wants to hear about my annual Spring allergy attack that left me wheezing, sneezing, coughing, shivering, and (much to the delight of my children) voiceless for several days?

The voice is slowly recovering. The wheezing is minimizing. The sneezing is close to gone. The shivering left on day five (and really only happened at night - and now has returned!! Will it never end?). I feared a sinus infection, but it didn't materialize ~~ so far! The coughing still happens at odd times, though mostly at night so as to continually deprive me of a good night's sleep!

All of this played havoc with my ability to concentrate and reading in the evening was close to impossible. So, I have no crafts projects to report on. None finished nor newly begun. I still have many, many, many (did I mention, MANY?) WIPs to get through finish and donate, give away, or display, as appropriate.

In an attempt to believe I really was better (and because a voice is rarely needed while waiting to lose enjoying the game), Mom and I attended a "Stuffed Basket Bingo" at our local firehouse. I was an also-ran - as always - but came SOOOOOOO close to winning the Longaberger Cookie Jar (pictured at the lower left of the page). I rarely (if ever) get even eight numbers close in a cover all (24 numbers + free space for the non-bingo players out there!) Today I needed just one - the lowly N35 - to walk out with the prize. Alas, it was not to be! Three other someone's got their desired number (O63) and had a 'ball off' (highest Bingo ball pulled from the 75 in the bucket wins!) - with one lucky lady walking out with the prize.

Alas, it was not to be in any of the 23 games, or the door prizes, or the raffles.

We sat. We dabbed. We ate. We lost! We donated to the cause.

Mom is anticipating the next event in the Basket Bingo Relay (five were advertised on our table today!). She figures she can only afford one per month. She doesn't like to go alone. I really don't like Bingo, but I love my Mom, so off I go in the pursuit of the illusive stuffed basket dream! We will be at Calvert Senior Center on Saturday, May 20th, as we try again to bring home the prize!!!!

edited on Sunday - just because I couldn't stand the mistakes - though I'm sure I did not catch them all!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Ah, to knit with nimble fingers...

some day! :) Right now the fingers are not so nimble!

I have begun the scarf that Dorothy sent me in my "beginner knit kit." I mentioned her generosity before, but here's a picture of the kit. Hedgehog pattern, mohair and variegated fine fibers - originally cast on and one row knit on that lovely blue taped pen - illustrated directions in the letter to transfer the cast-on/1 row knit to my own size 11 needles, AND some Cascade 220 yarn to practice other stitches as I go forward.

I've been doing a couple of rows at a time on the scarf - think I'm up to 10 - in between resting my sinus-aching head and playing nonsense games on the computer which do not require my sinus-aching head to think while playing (i.e., no word games!)! I have managed to pick up a stitch somewhere, but it looks good so I am NOT frogging this one!

However, at the rate I'm going, it will take me a month to finish this scarf! I am determined to get quicker and better and not give up the pursuit of knitting perfection! Knitters are such fun people and I want to be one - how else can I justify the purchase of soft, precious sock yarn and the circular needle kit and the mohair and the double pointed needles and... all that good stuff I WANT to get!

Whoosh ~~ for a minute there I thought I had already purchased all that stuff! Must've been a dream! All of that is in the wish list in my mind - plus some beautiful yarn I fondled at the Yarn Garden in Annapolis -- the only LYS that I have found in a drivable (less than 1 hour) distance to me. The Yarn Garden happens to be open on Thursday evenings (the only day it is open past 5) and that happens to be one of the days I take my son to Annapolis for meetings. So, son can go to the meeting and I can go to the Yarn Garden! Perfect! The ladies there will help me, if I need help, and they'll let me sit and knit - (or crochet or needlepoint or embroider - they do it all!) without buying a thing... though I'd feel obligated to buy something every once in a while!

This one - The Celtic Yarn Shop - was intriguing when I visited my friend in Ellicott City. I'm not sure I'd drive an hour just to go there. Actually, I'm not sure I'd drive an hour for any yarn shop. I'd have to have another need to go there - such as the son's meetings I mentioned above.

This store ~ Stitch Today - Knot Tomorrow ~ opened near me (only 10 minutes away!). I had such high hopes for this little shop. What a great name it has! But alas, it is all about embroidery: cross-stitch, ribbon embroidery, etc. Nary a knitting needle nor crochet hook in sight!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Of weddings and such...

I promised a picture, but I figured I should deliver the gift before I posted the picture. The Wedding was last night, a small, beautiful, intimate affair. Planned beautifully. Executed flawlessly. Except for the weather. After an abnormally dry spell of delightful Spring, almost Summer, weather, there was a chill in the air, overcast skies and then rain, which - thankfully - waited until the outdoor wedding was over and the indoor reception had begun!! [note to self: it was so smart of you to bring your coat, even though you didn't need it when you left!]

Here is the gift - His and Hers coordinating afghans. Made of Lion Brand® Homespun in Candy Apple and Black using a Q hook. I was able to complete these lovely, warm, soft throws in about 8 hours each. I am so glad I decided to make them. I do hope my friends enjoy them!

I hear the thunder rolling in... glad THAT waited until today!

Friday, April 21, 2006

All Required Crocheting is complete....

Pictures to follow (son has my compact flash card reader and I can't upload them right now. Will do so SOON!!)

Now, I can begin to teach myself the fine art of knitting - thanks to my friend, Dorothy, who sent me delightful and fine fibers -- already long stitch cast on and first row knit -- so that I can transfer them to my size 11 needles and practice with fine fibers (I'm a Red Heart girl with a crochet hook!). She also sent me (thank you, thank you, thank you) the adorable Hedgehog pattern - for when I know what I'm doing... though I'm a bit like her son and may just jump into them. I believe he quoted Ann & Kay:

Remember: no project is too ambitious if you crave the result enough.

I approach many things with that attitude... why not knitting? (see this space in a week when I'm pulling my hair out because I can't figure anything out!!! :))

Pictures next time, my friends.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

New York, New York, a helluva town.

The Bronx is up, but the Battery's down.
The people ride in a hole in the groun'.
New York, New York, it's a helluva town!

You know, I always thought the lyrics were New York, New York, a wonderful town! :) Shows you what I know. But it is indeed a helluva wonderful town!

My sister and I visited with her friend at a lovely little French café for a delicious omelette brunch. After brunch, we walked a bit and I just felt compelled to take this shot of the Empire State Building. We were at 21st and 6th Avenue and I could see it rising above the buildings against a cloudy sky.

It has been a long time since I played tourist in the city! :)

I'm sure you've heard of "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn".

Well, check out these Trees Growing on Trump Tower!

The sun was at a better angle a few hours earlier, but I forgot my camera the first time my sister and I headed for a stroll on Fifth Avenue. But I came back to capture these intriguing trees growing on the Tower at 56th St. and Fifth Avenue.

As we continued to stroll downtown, I snapped a few views of St. Patrick's Cathedral. It is a beautiful structure and my pictures do not begin to do it justice... but I wanted to share my favorite one with you.

I can't wait to visit again. We walked a lot. We talked a lot. We laughed a lot. We got along well. We have decided to do this again! Sis's friend, Lee Roy Rogers, has an up and coming career on the stage and will continue to give us good excuses to visit the Big Apple! We plan to take advantage.