Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1.28.09 - ice, ice baby

That's what we had all over the place this morning.

I tried to go to work. Really, I did. I got dressed. Packed my bus bag (knitting, crocheting and reading material). Walked up the side of the driveway, in the ice-crusted snow. I had parked my car at the top - in case the driveway might be too icy. It was. I started the car and the lights shown brightly on the skating rink that was my street. They hadn't plowed or sanded or salted yesterday and it rained and snowed and rained frozen rain overnight. Not sure the salt or sand would have helped at 6 AM.

I went back inside. Fired up the computer and saw "Liberal Leave" and decided to take it!

So, I was home from work today, and didn't work from home!

I didn't go back to bed - though I wanted to snuggle back in the warm covers. I did some knitting and crocheting to finish two projects I want to mail tomorrow:

I answered a bunch of e-mails. Took care of some business for my son. Made a hot breakfast for me and Mom. Not necessarily in that order.

Noon came and I was sleepy. I decided to take a NAP. Slept for 4 hours! Unbelievable. Guess I really needed the rest.

Now it is almost 11:30 PM and that nap has messed up my sleep pattern. Instead of being sleepy and getting ready for bed, I'm listening to my iTunes playlist randomly play the 588 songs loaded in the Country genre. I'm sorting papers to be ready to do my taxes. I'm alternating between paper sorting and crocheting some squares to send to various folks putting together afghans for a number of different causes.

Some of this sleep disruption and project hopping may be due to the fact that tomorrow Mom sees the surgeon to get the results of her biopsy. Perhaps I am worrying internally. I'm not really worrying consciously.

Until next time.


Wendy said...

I would not have played with the ice either, no way Horsey (Brooke's saying) love th ebaby sets...I made knitting needles all day, and am finishing them up right now, by waxing them....will be good to go for my Feb. 1st listing on Etsy...Thoughts and prayers coming your way for tomorrow...

Robbyn said...

None the less it sounds as though you had a pretty productive day - even if all your work happened outside of and unrelated to your office :)

I'll be holding a good thought for you and your mom today. Believe me, I know exactly how the "fretting" can take you unawares - and you won't even know you're doing it.

Fingers, toes and eyes crossed!