Thursday, April 26, 2007

I'll be away...

Carry on without me! :)

Monday, April 23, 2007

UFOs... well, WIPs anyway

I enjoy Chatting with Chatters, sponsored by Robbyn on Thursday evenings. I have been sorry to miss the last two weeks.

Apparently, the group in attendance last week decided to Flash their UFOs today (Robbyn at The Yarnpath and Ev at Strings ‘n Things and Colleen at Musings of a Silver Rose).

I wanted to join in, even though I missed the discussion. I really have more WIPs than UFOs. I work a little on each thing... and not much languishes. There are only two UFOs (an acrylic baby sweater and a fancy mohair beginner scarf) that I can think of and I lost light before I could take decent pictures of them.

But, here are the WIPs.

Finally, Fetching! I have had the yarn for AGES and AGES. Finally, after freezing one too many times at my office, last Wednesday I cast on for my pair. Beautiful yarn - the color is fabulous. The picture was close on my monitor, but I think you can't truly appreciate the beauty in a photo!

Moderne, my way! Following my loose understanding of the Moderne Baby Blanket in Mason-Dixon Knitting, I'm using Beaverslide 2-ply fisherman, McTaggert Tweed in Wild Myrtle as the main color, and all the odds and ends of mostly wool yarn in similar (sometimes slightly finer) weight. So far, the biggest section is the McTaggert Tweed, then Rowanspun Aran (brown), Lopi (blue/grey), and Noro Kureyon (multi-colored). The final piece will be about 40" x 40" for the Mother's Day blanket drive for the Afghans for Afghan mentioned in my sidebar. It is currently about 11 x 13.

Socks, Spring Socks... in an unknown, cotton-like sock yarn in "Forget Me Knot", using Susanne needles and a beginner pattern - all provided by my Knitter Tea Swap 2 Pal, Emma. (See this Blog Post about that!)

It is a simple pattern - 2x2 rib cuff, stockinette, heel flap, etc. I separated the skein into two approximately equal cakes and I'm off! This is my easily portable project and goes with me just about everywhere (especially now that I have four colors on my Moderne and haven't found the left over Lamb's Pride Bulky I know I have around here somewhere to keep going on that!).

Saturday, April 14, 2007

My First SP10 package arrived!

I've received my first box of goodies - A lovely felted hat pattern from Fiber Trends; a skein of Noro Kureyon (Color 166) (see close-ups below); a lovely salty, sweet snack in the form of Honey Roasted Cashews; a Teavana gift card to keep me brewing and knitterly note cards!

(I tried to get these side by side, but the preview shows them on top of each other... beautiful yarn either way! :))

Thank you, Secret Pal!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Giving thanks.

My son's guardian angel was working overtime on Friday night/Saturday morning. On a winding country road, as the snow was just beginning, my younger son spun his car around into a tree. Thankfully, he has a mere sore shoulder from the event. Even more thankfully, he was alone in the vehicle.

EMTs took him to the hospital. Hospital called me at about 1 AM. After several tests, including a CT scan of his head, and observation, they sent him home with me at 5 AM with instructions for him to take ibuprofen for the muscle pains he'd be experiencing and drink a lot of fluid.

I'm almost too grateful to be angry with him for driving down that particular road at that particular time of night! Almost!

Friday, April 06, 2007

We're a week into April and I haven't blogged much...

...and, by "much" I mean not at all!

I've had some busy times with my family and my job and I'm having trouble getting pictures taken or even enough progress with my projects to make picture taking worthwhile.

Here's a recap of the things holding me back:

- Older son has some issues. Taking a lot of time and energy.

- New job assignment. I have done some of the job for over a year, but the rest is new to me and is wearing me out - in a good way!!

- Spring and winter are playing yo-yo and my body doesn't like it very much! (we are expecting up to 2 inches of snow tomorrow (Holy Saturday) here in SOUTHERN Maryland.

- Price of gas is rising. Bus ridership is increasing. Space to knit comfortably? not so much.

Here's a non-pictorial recap on progress:

- One regular size sock: ribbing, leg, heel gusset and turning complete. Now for the foot and toe. Second sock will follow right behind!

- Pair of toddler socks in a mini-basketweave stitch: one sock finished. Second sock to cast on.

- ISE4 scarf: re-started - for the 3rd time; going well this time, about 7 inches completed.

- Two baptismal blankets, crocheted: one completely finished, one needs the last row of picot edging.

I guess I've been busy, but I feel like I'm getting nowhere! Pictures when there is some natural light that isn't freezing my fingertips.

And now for something completely different...

A question or two for the scarf/shawl knitters out there:

I have three skeins/hanks of beautiful mohair (pictured in this post) Each 25g skein has approximately 221 m (for a total of about 720 yards). Recommended needle size is US5 - 10; with 16-22 st/22-32 rows over 10 cm.

I'd like to make a nice shawl or scarf for myself to wear at a late September wedding. I've been looking around and I keep finding things that need either a finer yarn or a thicker yarn.

Any ideas for me?