Tuesday, January 27, 2009

1.27.2009 - ask and ye shall receive

Yesterday, I expressed the desire to have more "working from home" days in my week.

This morning, I awoke to this:

View of the street
You might notice grass still sticking out through the snow.
Last lawn mowing did not occur in the Fall, so the grass is longer than it should be.

View of the Driveway
Notice no plowing of the road, nor clearing of the driveway

That might not seem like much to many of you. However, this would make for a treacherous trek to and, especially, from work. I have to cross bridges. They freeze first. It is supposed to change to an icy mix later in the day. No thanks! So, I am working from home again today -- YaY!

It is pretty, as long as I'm viewing from my window!


trek said...

Wintry mix, indeed!

Robbyn said...

We're going to hit tomorrow so we shopeed today (after chemo) to make sure we could sit at home with plenty of stuff on hand (including some AB crystal beads for lace knitting!).

It won't be much fun to dig ourselves (and then dad) out of Thursday, but tomorrow should be very pleasant indeed - just watching it come down and knitting away :)

Good call on the working at home thing today - it's great that you have that option!

Wendy said...

I remember the winter of 1986...I had moved down there with my grandparents...it was snowing, I went to work, hey it was just flurries and not even 1/2 inch, yet, so I get to work, let myself in and get busy, am there for about 3 hours, still snowing, but no big deal..The boss calls in to talk with the back manager, and asks me what I am doing there..I said working,, he says we are not working today, they are calling for snow...so then I go back home and NO ONE knows how to drive in the snow, they are sliding all over, fishtailing and such...WELL I ended up with a week out of work, Paid, and I do believe we ended up with about 17 inches of snow..I was the designated chauffer...and my grandpa blamed all the snow on me....
Hope you had a great "SNOW DAY"