Saturday, January 05, 2013

Starting the New Year in Style

New Year 2013 crept in silently.  We did watch the New Year's Rockin' Eve Dick Clark tribute and countdown and we almost got to the ball dropping, but Mom pooped out.  I watched it online.

While I was watching ABC that night I realized I have been forever old.  Odd at 53 to believe that, but really - rockin' eve?  I'd rather have Guy Lombardo-like entertainment.  Actually, when I was 20 I preferred the Guy Lombardo New Year's Eve.  I often flipped over to whichever channel had the big band countdown so I could hear Auld Lang Syne big band style.  I was singular in my preference.  My companions on any given New Year's Eve preferred the Rockin' version.

Watching this year's show, I was semi-tallying the "I've seen them", "I've heard of them," and "Who the heck is that?" observations.  I think there was an even split - but the overarching category?  "I could do without seeing this act/singer/spokesperson ever again!"  I believe that applied to every single act/person!

Old, I am you.

The fact that my yearly upper respiratory infection was beginning may have put an extra layer of "I don't give a darn, it's just another day" on the festivities.  The infection took hold of my son first.  We visited the Doctor on Jan 2.  Diagnosis: a flu and infection.  It took him three full days of antibiotics, rest and alternating ibuprofen and acetaminophen every four hours to even hit his fever.   He seems to be on the mend, no elevated temperature by Friday evening.

Jan 3 about 1 PM, I could feel the aches building and a slight temperature and that punched in the face/chest feeling I get with upper respiratory infections and sinusitis.  Temperature was hovering around 100F, when I finally got home from work and took it.  Friday, I called the doctor's office when the opened, explained my symptoms (identical to my son's) to see if they could call in meds for me, or if I'd have to come in.  Receptionist said doctor "would surely want to see you, but he is fully booked today".  She asked for my call back number to let me know either way.  Luckily, my doctor knows me, knows this is an annual event, and trusts that I know my body.  He had them call in the z-Pack prescription.

Two doses of the Zpack and the alternating Ibuprofen/Acetaminophen every four hours seems to have knocked the temperature down.  I still have some body, joint, muscle achiness, though not as bad as it was.  Cough is now more productive, which is a good thing, though it adds to the body aches at my lower rib cage.  I believe I am also on the mend.

I bought masks to wear around Mom and Aunt, so I wouldn't breathe my germs all over them.  I have been washing my hands like crazy.  Unfortunately, Mom got at least a head cold out of it... either from me or from getting out of the house last Friday and this Friday for her basal cell carcinoma surgery and follow-up.  I was so hoping she wouldn't get sick.   She is sneezing and has a runny nose and a slight cough.  We'll keep our fingers crossed that it is just a head cold.

I promise not to be a whiny blogger all the time, but felt the urge to share my new year fun.

See you next time.