Wednesday, December 31, 2008

12.31.08 - the end is nigh

2008 is coming to a close. Couldn't happen to a better year, I say!

Some bad news headed our way this year that will play out over the next who-knows-how-many years to come. I think I've accepted it. Only time will tell.

Good news came our way as well. Younger son graduated High School and started college. Older son seems to be getting his life in better order.

In general, we are healthy and warm and full and that counts for a lot.

In the knit blog world, I see many folks mentioning all the things they created this year. I lost count, so you won't see that from me. I did finish a lot. I also started a lot that I didn't finish!

In the general blog world, I see many listing their reading for the year. I started many and finished only a few books. My ability to attend to the reading I wanted, needed, felt I should do seemed to wander away under the weight of the bad news early in the Summer.

I have been easily distracted. I hope and pray I am on a better track these days.

My sister gave me a wonderful book - Amazing Grace by Kathleen Norris - for Christmas. She knows me well and this book I started reading almost as soon as I received it and have nearly finished it. I will re-read as time goes on. I think I will always find something new in its pages for me to enjoy, employ, embrace.

May your 2009 truly shine!

Until next time.

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