Sunday, June 02, 2013

First June check in - Week 5

We have had a busy week.  Many doctors appointments, Memorial Day, a mini-birthday party, plus my day job.



Starting weight:  249
May 27, 2013:  242

Week 5 weight change:  -2 lbs
Total loss to date:  7 lbs

I lost 2 lbs even with the family party over Memorial Day weekend, the small birthday party for oldest son, never ending doctor appointments and too many sweets available for me to consume!  I think I may have figured out what to do to keep on track in the face of traveling here and there and everywhere with the elders.

Goals and Plans:

  • The swimming pool is open and the water is finally balanced.  I'll be researching some water exercises during the week and will begin using the pool to help me add exercise to my routine.
  • Farmer's Markets are open in the County and should soon have a lovely variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to tempt my palate with their wonderful vitamins, minerals and weight reduction properties! 
 Have a great week.  Hope to return with a great report next weekend!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day! and late check in...


Starting weight:  249
May 27, 2013:  244

Week 4 weight change:  0 lbs
Total loss to date:  5 lbs

I neither lost nor gained weight this week.  I'm calling it a win!  This week has been a series of doctors appointments and surgeries for my mother.  It was exhausting for both of us and I opted for eating out rather than cooking healthy meals at home frequently.

Plus, we had a family gathering on Saturday.  I am sure the prep for the party helped me to maintain my current weight.  There was a lot of bending, lifting, stair-stepping and scrubbing done over two days!   The party food was delicious -- cheese and crackers, chips and dip, crock pot barbecue w/ homemade cole slaw, hot dogs, fruit and vegetable platters, deviled eggs, two kinds of macaroni salad, potato salad and desserts of cake, brownies and cookies.   So, calories burned by the party prep were regained by the party itself - break even!

Back to plan on Tuesday.  Gearing up today.  I need to go to the store for salad fixings and fresh vegetables to augment the food already in my house to get totally back on track.  However, normal, or what passes for that these days, begins again tomorrow.  Normalcy will help me to stay on track.  Goals will be set again next Saturday.  The only goal this week is to get back into the groove of juicing and eating right.

This coming week features two days of doctor appointments.  A real break from last week which had us running every day but Thursday.  And a real plus: This week's appointments will be fairly short!  Tuesday afternoon, Mom will have her stitches removed.  She has facial reconstruction(?) surgery last Tuesday.  Basal cell carcinoma was removed and the cancer had spread so far that Mom needed to see the plastic surgeon for outpatient surgery rather than having the dermatologist close the removal site.  

Wear Sunscreen!!!!!!!!!

Second trip is a regular doctor's appointment for all three of us, Me, Mom and Aunt.  Hoping to lose another few pounds before weighing in at his office on Friday.

I leave you with pictures of Mom and her first great grandchild:

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Weekly Report: May 18, 2013


Starting weight:  249
May 18, 2013:  244

Week 3 weight gain:  1 lbs
Total loss to date:  5 lbs

This was a not so good week.  A lot of activity, exhaustion and stress meant poor choices in food and beverages - too much caffeine free diet coke, too little water; too many pre-made meals, too few healthy homemade meals.  Bad for my eating plan.  Bad for my budget.

This was the week to start walking and I did not.

Time to reboot the goals and restart the plan.

I'm not sure how to stem the tiredness.  Sleep is elusive and early to bed is an impossibility.  Activity this week will be mostly deep cleaning the house.  I am hoping a thoroughly cleaned home will help reduce my stress level and increase my motivation.

There will be a bit more stress this week.  Mom will undergo surgery early in the week to repair the gaping wound caused by the Moh's surgery.  We spent most of the day Friday at the dermatologist's office having basal cell carcinoma removed from her face.  The doctor thought the cancer was a small spot.  It turned out to be more widespread than anticipated.  The first eraser tip-sized hole turned into a quarter sized hole.  Friday was a very bad day!  I will know later today when surgery is scheduled.  I think that will be a crockpot day!  The wound has been bleeding quite a bit.  This weekend will be spent making sure Mom keeps the bandage on, especially since she doesn't remember what happened, why it's there, even what it is sometimes.

I really need to pre-plan, pre-make and execute the menu for healthy eating with more consistency this week to counter-act the stress that is sure to come.


  1.  Pre-Assemble daily juice.  Baggies with all the ingredients in one spot will help get the juicing done with minimal prep each day.
    1. Clean, peel, cut and bag the daily ingredients two days at a time
    2. Set up the juicer before bed
    3. Get up and JUICE!
  2. Plan the weekly menu with most ingredients on hand by mid-day Sunday.  Prep as much as possible to make dinner easy to prepare when I walk in the door after work.  This will go a long way toward preventing the "I'm too tired.  Let's hit the drive through" phenomenon that took over this past week.
    1. Inventory Pantry/Fridge/freezer
    2. Create the menu
    3. Make a shopping list of missing ingredients
    4. Shop for the missing ingredients
    5. Prep two or more days at a time
  3. Institute the Post-It board to plan the deep clean.  Post the board somewhere that others might see and step up to help out.  If they don't, at least that will keep me on track to get it all done by the end of the week.
    1. Pick a spot for the post-it disply
    2. Divide the display room-by-room
    3. Write each task on its own post-it
    4. pick a post-it and DO IT!