Sunday, June 28, 2009

This and that

It all started when Mom and I were invited to attend her sister's (my aunt's) 70th Birthday lunch. What could I possibly give my aunt as a gift? What does a 70-year-old woman need? Not much, really. I decided something hand made would be appropriate. Remembering the Party-Lite scented soaps I had on hand, I knit my aunt a wrapper cloth and included two beautifully scented bars of soap.

The Wrapper Cloth (ravelry link)

My cousins selected a quaint little waterside restaurant in Middle River, MD. The weather cooperated for our location - on the deck watching the water. After a lovely lunch, the CAKE arrived! A margarita for mama. Those girls, they know their mama well! :)

Delicious cake. Delightful company. Tiring weekend.

The youngest member of the family (she is 5) was enthralled by the river life off the deck of the restaurant. She watched the fish and the drakes and the ducks swimming by and was quite content. As we were all wrapping up the day, she pointed out the "...BIG WHITE BIRD over there. Look, Look, a big white bird. What is it?"

This is what it was:

Until next time.

Monday, June 08, 2009

I've been creative

Socks for Soldiers
(Yahoo! Group). Five inches into a 10 inch foot, then the toes and I shall be done with my first pair of socks for this group. In Olive Drab, Regia Stretch, Size 0 and 1 addi turbo needles (two at a time).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Forest Canopy Shawl. My own hand-dyed yarn. Susan Lawrence's pattern ( link) You can find Susan at I'm Knitting As Fast As I Can. This picture shows the shawl still on the needles. I bound off as I watched the season 5 premier of the The Closer. I will present the finished piece for your delight when I have blocked it - hopefully later this week.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I also made two more medicine bags for Shelly's Medicine Bag Project, but failed to take pictures before I packaged them up to send to her. She may have all she needs, but take a look and see if you'd like to participate!

Until next time!

p.s. sorry if the pictures are huge when you click on them... I forgot to adjust them for web-posting.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

My garden is growing

Originally uploaded by radarkaty.

and so are the weeds! But... If you click in this lovely Columbine photo, you should be taken to my Garden 2009 Flickr set.

I have taken some choice photos and share them with you!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Catching up with the blog

Hello, my readers.

Life is bobbing along, occasionally being pulled under by the big fish, yet always resurfacing for gulps of good air!

Over Memorial Day weekend, we had a small gathering of family and good friends. My good friend Sue, made a delicious Peach Melba Cake and brought just the right number of candles for all to sing well wishes my way for my half century milestone birthday.

Doesn't it look scrumptious? It was!!! :)


I've fallen into the FarmTown rabbit hole on Facebook -- building a farm, harvesting crops, spending TOOOO much time there! When I am inundated with thoughts, tasks, driving here and there, worrying about my mom and my boys, it is a lovely escape! For when I am in that place, concentrating on knitting or thinking of things to write or responding to posts or blogging or even, sometimes, reading blogs, is just too much. But click clicking clicking of fake veggies and fake plowing and fully fruited fake trees is an unthinking task. You should try it sometime!


My older son had a milestone birthday this year too. On June 1, 2009, my first born turned 21!! How can that be???!! It was just a little while ago that he was eagerly heading off to his first day in First Grade!!!

He spent a few days in Ocean City with his good friend, collecting all kinds of firsts for his 21st. He went to the MVA to get the legal age oriented driver's license. Under 21 in Maryland, you have a perpendicular license, with a big red box around your picture - indicating you cannot buy alcohol. So that he could buy alcohol, he got that done first!

He had his first legal shot of Wild Turkey at the Purple Moose Saloon, pictures to prove it were shown to me. He bought a "Kiss me, It's my birthday shirt," and had people sign the back. He saved the coaster from his first drink. He bought a shot glass that says, "I am 21 now I can legally do everything I've been doing since I was 12."

He seems to have had a good time. If lack of money is anything to show for it, he had a GREAT! time!

Hope it is all out of his system now.


I have knitting to show - when I take pictures. I have flowers to show - when I take pictures. I have a deck top garden that is growing great! the sun refuses to shine long enough to give me good light for good pictures.

So, I bid you adieu - until next time!