Thursday, November 06, 2008

11.6.08 - Stitches Day One

I've returned to my hotel room from a fun, fiber-filled, fabulous day. Exhilarating and exhausting all at the same time.

It began today at about 9 AM when I arrived at the Baltimore Convention Center to pick up my registration package. I walked right up and got it... no line. Yay! Of course that meant I had a bit of time to kill knit before my 10 AM conference event.

At 10 AM, I entered my first event. Beyond Sox -- Five designers were given the task by XRX to use sock yarn and create something other than socks! Since I have decided that I am undecided on whether I like handknit socks, it fit my current knitting conundrum (lots of sock yarn, not quite enjoying the socks, what shall I do with my yarn stash? Well, according to the designs presented, I can make jewelry - a lovely beaded cowl or wrist warmers. Or I can make a hat with sock and other yarns carried together; a lovely bag or two or three; a gorgeous tam, though that was the reject design, or an asymmetrical stole with squiggles! :) Entrelac was also featured. Beautiful designs. Wonderful use of the yarn. Knitter's Magazine will be publishing the patterns in an upcoming edition. You should check it out!

Then lunch and a go at a smaller version of the Wall of Yarn (yarn companies send samples of their yarns. You get a list, pull a piece of each yarn and tape it to the paper so you know what you saw and what the yarn was like). The full yarn is in the Market. I filled both papers! :)

First class 1:30 - 4:30: Superb Seams. So informative. I might be ready for my first sweater!

Then the Market -- overwhelming! So much to see. It was the preview - so I was able to walk around - a lot. I think I saw every booth once. Ran into friend and directed them to booths I thought they'd like. I only bought one thing... A book - Knit One Below. The author, Elise Duvekot, was one of the five women from the 10 AM presentation. I liked her technique... and she was signing them! :)

I saw a number of things that drew me in, but haven't been hooked yet. I didn't buy because I really didn't plan projects I might make and, therefore, I have no plan for the yarns available.

I wanted a spindle. But I didn't see any there. So, I'll use the teacher's student spindles in the morning. If I like it, I'll order one from an etsy shop or on-line somewhere... or maybe not.

Good Night! I'll be checking in tomorrow.

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