Tuesday, November 04, 2008

11.4.08 - VOTE!

Don't forget to

V O T E !!

Not that you could forget with the constant barrage of political advertising from all areas - from signs lining the road to billboards to radio ads to tv ads to phone calls to fliers in the mail and on your car and handed to you as you pass by the supermarket, the metro, the bus stop...

Tomorrow will be a lovely ad-free day. Of course, we'll begin hearing non-stop how the President-elect will have to do this and that and the other thing and how he plans to do this and that and the other thing. However, that message of transition will reside mostly on the news shows themselves and NOT through advertising blitzes. We can then vote with our clicker and turn them off and on as desire -- to make it stop or to listen, if we so choose.

Me? I'll have the news clicked off for a while -- I'll be at Stitches East enjoying a lovely fiber-filled vacation -- meeting new people, catching up with friends, putting faces to some of the pixels I've been chatting with on Ravelry. I'll be learning new things, honing my craft, and having a good time strolling The Market.

Just what the doctor ordered (well, it would have been had he known about it!)

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