Sunday, November 02, 2008

11.2.08 - Shopping

Today, the intrepid hunters silently crept through the great outdoors* to the special entrance that lead to -- THE MALL!

Younger son needed warm clothing. His natural tendency is shorts and t-shirts year round. But it got pretty chilly these last two weeks and he had a lot more outdoor time on the college campus than he ever had going to high school.

He found five long sleeve shirts and/or sweaters that he liked. Some will be fine by themselves and some will need layering.

He has not found a brand of pants - jeans or otherwise - that he feels comfortable wearing.

So to promote warmth, he got a hat instead, at the Burlington Coat Factory. A black wool hat similar to the Carrimac Cap -- but not that pricy!

We hit the supermarket to stock up on goodies for his dorm and other necessities and made our way back to unload the car.

It was a good day.

* I don't think I have ever been to the Bass Pro Outdoor World store before - it is indeed the great outdoors brought in. A rock wall, moose and bear and fish and geese and ducks and guns and fishing poles and clothes and ATVs and kayaks and wow - totally overwhelming.

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Wendy said...

Our Bass's Pro shop even has a GIANT swimming pool sie fish tank...with all the natural species of fish here in Michigan...