Monday, November 24, 2008

11.24.2008 - The Lost Weekend

Wow, I missed posting the entire weekend. I thought about it. I took some pictures to post. After spending family time, I came upstairs, uploaded the pictures and decided I need to sleep. Hence, no weekend posting.

The weekend was lost to family and knitting and crocheting. I'll give a Monday's Quarterback recap.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I have been making hats. The total count is up to 8, eight, ocho - wow! I've knit a few and crocheted a few and here they are as of yesterday:

I plan to complete at least two more so that Deb gets 5 and KnittyBe gets 5.


After I finished hat number 8, I returned to my Knotty Gloves (ravelry link). I'm really loving this pattern. It is working up nicely in the KnitPicks Gloss. The fingers will be long enough for my long digits because I am making them for me, me, me and measuring and trying on as I go!

I plan to finish this one tonight and cast on for the right hand. Perhaps I'll have a pair at the end of Thanksgiving weekend! Stay Tuned!

So, that was the knitting and crocheting that occupied my weekend.


The family? Well, my Aunt and Godmother came to visit for Thanksgiving. She drove up from Florida to spend most of the week with us. When she returns to Florida, Mom will be heading back with her for two weeks. Mom is the oldest sister. Visiting aunt is the youngest sister. The Aunt left behind in Florida, the middle sister, had knee surgery and Mom is going to go stay with her and help her out for a couple of weeks.

My older son was part of the family distraction as well. He has a couple of part-time jobs with changeable hours. He doesn't have his driver's license and, if he did, he doesn't have a car, so he can't get himself to these jobs. We live in a fairly rural area and public transportation is close to non-existent.

Because I want him to have his driver's license and I want him to get a car sooner rather than later, I drive him to his jobs. He tries to get a ride home, but I am regularly pressed into pick up as well. Mom helps out during the week when his work hours coincide with my work hours. I'm hoping he gets something worked out for the two weeks she is in Florida!

His farther away job required chauffeur service on Saturday and Sunday. Hope and pray with me that he saves the money and passes the test and gets a car on the road before year's end! There will be times early in the year that neither my mother nor I am available for chauffeur services.

Until next time.

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Wendy said...

I just love the hats, and those gloves...beautiful....Oh how I wish I had better knitting supplies and skills to be able to do things like that....
I will pray right along with you on the transportation situation.....So you live in the pretty part of Maryland not the asphalt city part like my grandma and uncle....asphalt and concrete is endless in their area (SIlver Spring, Kensington area)
Hope you have a wonderful week.....