Wednesday, November 26, 2008

11.26.2008 - Wednesday, pre-Thanksgiving

After working part of the day and resting part of the afternoon, I ventured out to retrieve my son from work and to pick up the last few things for tomorrow's feast.

I had been shopping. Mom had been shopping. Things had been forgotten.

The craziness that is the grocery store the night before Thanksgiving must have happened earlier than my 7:10 PM arrival time. I walked through aisles fairly undisturbed. Only one aisle had more than two shoppers at any one time. The checkouts were well-manned and the lines were not long.

I try to avoid this Wednesday before Thanksgiving shopping trip.

I try to make sure all is remembered before this day arrives.

But, today wasn't too bad. I checked out with the groceries in my car at 7:38 PM - and I stopped in the liquor store too! Two stores, 28 minutes, $100.00! Phew!

Turns out, I didn't have to pick up my son. Mom ordered pizza which arrived at our home at the same time I returned. No cooking tonight because I'll be cooking all day tomorrow!

If you celebrate, I hope your Thanksgiving Day is fabulous.

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Robbyn said...

Have a great holiday, Kathleen!