Thursday, November 27, 2008

11.27.08 -- Happy Thanksgiving

I know it's late. But I was in charge, which meant I was never far from the kitchen. Mom is heading to Florida to stay with her sister(s) tomorrow and there was a lot of last minute "where's this?" and "where's that?" to be figured out.

One of the things I did was print a bunch of pictures I had taken over the past year - weddings and graduations - that my aunts could not attend or at least one of them did not attend.

I also cajoled by sons into posing with us!

So here you have my Happy Thanksgiving photo:

Me, Older Son, Mom, Younger Son, Aunt/Godmother/Mom's Youngest Sister.
We are all standing. I am just shy of 5'8" tall.

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gemma said...

Happy Thanksgiving family. I see the love on all the faces.

Peaceful thoughts Kathleen. Hugs, Gem