Thursday, November 20, 2008

11.20.08 - another missed day

You know how it is - once you mess up, you tend not to try so hard. The goal was not achieved, so what the hey? Actually, I just forgot to post yesterday. I went shopping after work and went to bed really early. I was barely on the computer. I remembered this morning that I did not post.

Now, it'll be short and sweet because I am tired and it's late and I need to catch some shut-eye!

I've been making hats. Trying to determine the proper 'child' size for 5 - 11 yo school children. I'm failing miserably. Not at making them. I finished two more besides those pictured in my last post and have only some decrease rounds to go on the third. Bringing the hat total since last Friday to 6. 4 for Kosovo, 2 for KnittyBe and more to come.

But, I'm stymied on the sizing. Most hat patterns I find are either baby sized or adult sized and the adult sizes seem too big, and the baby sizes are way too small. I tried to adjust the adult sizes. I think they'll be okay. People have a variety of sizes on their noggins, and it depends on where you measure what size you say you wear.

I did a brief survey on the CPaAG group on Ravelry and it seems that the children referenced by the responders have 'small adult' sized heads. So, I'm going with that in the hopes that what I send is useful!

Okay - off to bed.

Until next time.


Wendy said...

if you want I can measure Brooke's and Williams heads for you....Let me know and I will get to it and give you the measurements

Robbyn said...

Kathleen - I always figured that whatever size the hat turned out to be, it would fit someone. Don't make yourself crazy about this :)

Cindy said...

Heide found this link for me and it's a great cap.