Wednesday, November 05, 2008

11.5.08 - a break is near

Yesterday was an historic day. Both of my sons voted in their first presidential election - though getting my younger son to the polling place was an exercise in frustration!

I left work at 3 PM to drive to his school to pick him up (he's a freshman, no car on campus, almot 60 miles from home). It usually takes about an hour from my work to his college, then about an hour and fifteen minutes to home.

Not yesterday. The forces of nature were battling with rubber tires and wary drivers causing multiple fender benders to slow my way as well as two full roadway accident stops (all lanes on 295 N at 100 were blocked, I finally baled into 100 and took a 7 mile detour; then all lanes on Route 4 S were blocked. We were stuck there until they opened one lane).

Left the office at 3 PM; arrived at the polling place at 7:23 PM - two extra hours beyond the time I thought it should/would take.

But we made it. And he cast his first votes ever.

I, however, did not make it home for good until McCain's Concession Speech had already begun. Left work at 3 PM; arrived home for the day at 11:15 PM or so and the only thing I did besides drive here, there and everywhere, was vote, stop at K-Mart, get gas, drive through KFC. It was not a good day.


Today I get to go to Baltimore and begin my Stitches East adventure! I booked my room for tonight so I can be on hand first thing on Thursday to get started... I'm at classes; at the market; at the show(s); or meeting people, my people, knitting people, ravelry people... Fun for me for a while!

I brought the computer so I can keep going with NaBloPoMo '08! We'll have to see how that goes!

Do you think I'm excited? Do you think I could use any more exclamation points? Hehehehehehehe


Marcia said...

Congratulations to your sons! Quite a milestone, indeed.

Robbyn said...

I remember the first time I voted - it was for Richard Nixon. As I live in Massachusetts, I've never been quite allowed to live it down :)

Hope you have a sensational time at Stitches!