Monday, November 10, 2008

11.10.08 - Monday, Monday

I took some time to clean up today and that left me no time to take pictures until it was too dark to do so. Tomorrow. I hope!

Today, I filled 25 small bags with a variety of hand lotion, hand cleaner, lip balm, nail kits, mini-make-up, flavor packs for water bottles, body wipes, shower gel, and other goodies to be sent to a group of female soldiers serving our country. It is part of Soldiers Angels (link in my side bar) called Ladies of Liberty. A group of Soldiers Angels is given a list of female troops to pamper a bit with little luxuries, words of encouragement, or just a postcard to let them know someone cares.

The packages are ready for labels and customs forms. I have run out of both! I had hoped to get these in the mail today. It looks like next Monday. In the meantime, I'll send some notes.

I did get several other things ready to go and they'll be dropped in a box on my way to work on Wednesday, tomorrow being a Federal Holiday.

I'll be spending my Holiday - finishing my laundry, finishing the crocheting of a HAP afghan, writing notes, take pictures of my goodies from Stitches. How will you be spending yours -- if you have one?

Until tomorrow. With pictures. I hope!

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