Monday, November 17, 2008

11.16.08 - very late, really after midnight...

and again a FAIL on the NaBloPoMo...

I was packing packages. Getting the mail and the customs forms and such ready to go and just now realized it was after midnight. Missed it by five minutes! Ah, well.

Hat #2 is finished for Deb to send to Kosovo. To be fair in my reporting, I must admit that Hat #1 was done before she needed it, so I've only finished one since Friday.

I have finished two skeins of a four (possibly five) skein shawl for Macuwita Sni. You can check it out on the sidebar. (Macuwita sni, not the shawl!) One of the packages I was getting ready contains five pairs of mittens that should have been mailed weeks ago, but I never got to the Post Office. I'm going tomorrow!

I am trying to finish some long, languishing WIPs, but I find myself itching to cast on for new things!

Must finish the WIPs. Must Finish the WIPs!

I've promised myself a new cast on when I finish one of the two scarves and the stole. The stole is almost done. There are 100 rows left, but they get smaller after the next 20. One scarf is a little over 1/3 complete. The other is a little over 1/2 done. I think I can get 'r done by Friday, then I can start something NEW!

Pictures soon, I promise!

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Marcia said...

I laugh that you promised yourself a new cast-on after you've finished a few things. I often feel guilty over how many WIPs I have at any given moment. Oh well. It's a good thing my husband loves me! - cause there's yarn everywhere.