Friday, November 21, 2008

11.21.08 - A good Friday Post

Good - our predicted snow flurries did not materialize. They all apparently descended on Philadelphia, whose predicted snow flurries turned into 4 inches of snow before the sun came out and melted the 'flurries.'

Good (I hope!) - my aunt is coming to visit for about six days. She arrives sometime tomorrow and will be here through Thanksgiving. The day after Thanksgiving, she and Mom will head down to Florida together. It will be a good visit and a good departure. That's how those things generally go!

Good - based on the responses to my very unscientific survey, I've decided to knit and crochet hats at various sizes, but the circumference will not be less than 19 inches. It'll all be good.

Hat pictures --

Kosovo hats - (almost) five so far

Hats for KnittyBe - two so far

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DebsCrafts said...

Thank you so much for posting about my kids in Kosovo hat and scarf drive! And a really big thank you for such beautiful hats for the kids!