Monday, November 17, 2008

11.17.08 - Monday, Monday

I've been working hard today.

I've been a good employee and good mom.

Now, I want to rest, but now I have to be a good fiscal manager. Today was Pay Day and there are bill payments that need to be scheduled and checks that need to be written.

I'd rather sit and knit.

And I forgot to take pictures of my WIPs and FOs. I was a good employee, a good mom and an okay fiscal manager; but a bad blogger.

'til next time, when I hope to have some pretties to show.


Cindy said...

Sometimes that life stuff gets in the way, doesn't it? We'll wait for the pics. Not going anywhere;-)

trek said...

I hear you on all counts. There has been much mom-ing and work-ing and not so much knit-ing around here either.

It all balances eventually, though.