Saturday, November 29, 2008

11.29.2008 - Almost December

... and I missed posting my Good For Friday post. :( We'll try good for Saturday instead.

I've finished a total of 10 hats, so far, for Deb and KnittyBe (see previous posts)... I'll do a few more and get them mailed next Saturday. Pictures before they get mailed. Promise! Fulfilled!

I'm hosting my younger son and a few of his friends for a snack attack party - alcohol-free. I believe a few will be leaving to find the 'alcohol-included' party somewhere else. None of them are old enough, so it won't be MY house!

Mom headed South with her youngest sister. Youngest Sister was here to celebrate Thanksgiving. Now, Mom is going to stay with the Middle Sister for two weeks, as Middle Sister recovers from knee surgery. It will be a nice break for us all, except for maybe Mom, but she is the Big Sister and said yes when asked to help.

Until next time.

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