Tuesday, November 18, 2008

11.18.08 - Peektures

As promised, a peek into what I've been doing lately. I mailed off some things, squares mostly, before I could take pictures of them. But mailing was more important!

First up, hats for Kosovo. A school of 125 children is in need of warmth and Deb of Deb's Crafts has put out a call for hats and scarves and mittens. There is a short deadline as her friend is coming home for a visit in December before he returns to complete his tour of duty. That means she needs them SOON, so her friend can bring them with him.

I do hats faster than mittens or scarves, so hats are being made. I've completed three and am working on the fourth. The completed multi-colored hat was done before she announced her need. The two green ones were completed between Friday morning's commute and lunch today. I started the brown one, in progress, on the commute home tonight.


Another cause close to my heart is Macuwita sni (check out the link on my side bar for more information). The current challenge for this group is to make 75 shawls or lapghans for the elders by February. This is my first and I'm trying to knit it. I will finish this one and probably crochet the next one. Crochet moves much faster for me on big projects like this AND, being a thicker fabric, may be warmer for the recipient.


KnittyBe (ravelry link) is also collecting hats (and scarves and mittens) for some children in her area. I'll have more information later. These need to be machine-washable, so I'll be going with crochet and my Encore stash! Only a week or so for this project. Hope to get a bunch done ... and then turn back to the Kosovo hats.


Something to ponder:

I wonder how many is a bunch?


Marcia said...

Hm, good question. I tried to come up with a clever answer to exactly how many make a bunch, but I can't.

Your knitting looks very nice! I am impressed by how devoted you are to knitting for others.

Wendy said...

You always do such beautiful work...Not sure about the how much makes a bunch....if you find out let me know....Hope you are having a great night.