Thursday, December 04, 2008

12.4.08 - Number One

I thank you all for your loving support of my blankness. I truly appreciate your help, your advice, your commiseration.

I thought about this blankness and realized that I do not take care of Number One. If I do not take care of Number One, Numbers Two, Three and Four all suffer.

I sometimes try to help Number One, or at least I believe that is what I'm doing. I get (overly!) involved in things I like to do - knit, crochet, create. But then I really overdo them. I have to re-learn the art of the word, "No." To truly grasp the sentiment that sometimes No is a complete sentence. To volunteer to help, but not to help with everything or believe I am responsible for more than a reasonable person could accomplish in a given time frame.

I need to work on me and my needs, wants and desires - again. I keep forgetting to think about these things. Mostly because when I think about them, I then think of all the other things I have(?) to do for the other people in my life, whether directly (family, mostly) or indirectly (every worthy cause I think I must help).

I have one more thing to finish that I volunteered to finish in early December... then I'm off to selfish knitting. Of course, some of that selfish knitting will be presents for my family. But that's okay. If I knit them a present, I don't have to go shopping to BUY them one! This is a win for me, as money is tight and will only get tighter in the coming months.

I also joined Weight Watchers tonight. I joined at a place near the yarn shop I like to knit in on Thursday nights. Perfect. WW at 5:30 in the lower level shops, then knitting in the upper level shop until 8 PM! Thursdays will be ME days. If I can't squeeze another complete day, at least I will have this one!

Stay tuned for my creative donation wrap up some time this weekend!

Until next time.


trek said...

I so hear you on this. I, too, am told (by my Number Guy) that I do not take care of myself. It is hard.

Booktender said...

atta girl!