Monday, December 15, 2008

12.15.08 - one down, one to go!

Knotty Left
Originally uploaded by radarkaty.

My Knotty glove for my left hand is complete (well, except for some end weaving and hole tightening). Now to start my Knotty glove for my right hand! :) (after I finish the sister project!)


trek said...

Looking good!

Robbyn said...

Why that's gorgeous, Kathleen! What a lovely pair of glove you're going to have :)

Frankly, the thought of making fingers just makes me sweat. I may try it one of these days, but for now will limit myself to admiring those who manage it so easily and well!

Marcia said...

The glove is lovely. I believe I just saw these finished and posted on another blog too. Great pattern - but like Robbyn, fingers scare me. Mittens here or nothin' at all!