Friday, December 19, 2008

12.19.2008 - Last "Good On Friday" before Christmas

I don't have any great new donation plans or places. I just want to post some good things!

-- I've been on Weight Watchers for two weeks and have lost 6.6 lbs. Yay me!

-- My immediate office went out for a Holiday Lunch today and I ate the right foods!

-- My supervisor gave us all a lovely bottle of wine. Mom says it's a good brand. I have no idea, but thought it was a nice touch.

-- I have successfully limited my intake of all the lovely cookie gifts arriving at our office.

-- I am finished my Christmas shopping for the most part. Everything I have is wrapped.

-- Both of my boys shopped by themselves for family gifts, with their own money and without my pushing them, reminding them, shoving them out the door!

-- I am on the last few rows of the stole I have been making for some time... Sis may see it before New Year's (due to blocking time, probably NOT before Christmas).

-- Everyone I dealt with today was exceptionally pleasant. The goodness is out there. Seek it and you shall find it. Spread it and it will multiply!


Marcia said...

Wow, looks like you are doing a great job, with Christmas and avoiding all of the junk food. Way to go!

Robbyn said...

Oh I always fell off the diet wagon in restaurants - but never found it too difficult to get back on afterwards.

You're right about the goodness being out there - and you do have to look for it. But it only requires a little looking - it's not trying to hide :)