Saturday, December 27, 2008

12.27.08 - Traditions

I missed posting this on Boxing Day. I spent the day with some friends, then watched a couple of movies with my mom. It's now after 1 AM, and I'm waiting for #1 son to return home. Not really waiting, but doing a bunch of things and, since he is due home soon, I might as well be up! :)

To the topic at hand. I grew up with a number of Christmas traditions. Some good, some not so good - but traditions nonetheless.

One good one is pictured below.

Mom was given this statue more than 30 years ago she may have bought it, but I think she got it as a gift. Every year, poinsettias accompany the placement of the statue on a tall stand/table. It used to be a marble-topped plant stand. It's current perch is a plant stand, but all wood.

Mom usually buys several small poinsettias to place around the statue. But, it was Christmas eve and she still hadn't gotten even one to place by the Kneeling Santa.

On my way home from work on Christmas Eve, I stopped at the grocery store for two or three last minute things I had forgotten the previous day. This lovely plant was begging to come home to accompany Santa as he gave homage to the Christ Child.

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Marcia said...

that is a very sweet tradition. I like nativity scenes and I like Santa. :)