Saturday, December 06, 2008

12.6.08 - just made it

I've been a busy bee today.

I dropped my son off at his job this morning and then headed off to Macy's to do some shopping. There was a coupon that expired at 1 PM. I got to the store at 12:15 PM. I was able to use it! This is thrilling, as I am NOT a good shopper. I HATE shopping. But, I had to do it t.o.d.a.y. - because the Angel Tree gifts are due tomorrow.

I did some on-line browsing, so I knew that Macy's had the jeans skirt requested by the 10 yo girl. I just had to hope they had her size because jeans skirts are Spring and Summer wear and any in stock are on clearance racks. SCORE! Tommy Hilfiger, right size, GREAT price ($59.50 for $14.97!) The ONLY size 14 in the entire store - Junior's and Women's.

I also got some gifts for my house and was able to use the $10.00 off coupon that expired at 1 PM. (I was in line before 1:00 PM and they did an override for all of us patient people!)

Then I shopped for a few other things... and then came home and set it all up to wrap... then visited with my son's friend while son got ready for a party... then watched a movie. Now - I'm blogging to get it in on 12/6/08! :)

I also made two more hats for KnittyBe. Pictures tomorrow, in between loads of laundry.

(will return another time to fix any blatant grammar or spelling issues.)

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Marcia said...

Fantastic deal on the skirt! Good job.