Wednesday, December 10, 2008

12.10.08 - this and that on a Wednesday

I mailed a bunch of stuff on Monday and find most has made its way to the proper places! Yay. Makes me feel good when the post works so well.

It's been warm and weird - weather-wise. I even saw lightening in the foggy, drizzly night as I was bringing my son home from work. I really hope the winter is wintery this year. I could do with a break for my sinuses.

Mom is coming home this Saturday after a couple of weeks with her sisters. The house is ready, for the most part, and that's unusual. I good thing, but unusual! :)

Christmas shopping is almost done. Wrapping of purchased presents is 90% complete. Not one decoration has been unearthed. Sunday, for sure, I think, maybe!

Until next time.

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