Monday, December 01, 2008

12.1.08 - Holidailies and other stuff

I read about this on I decided since I was SOOOOO good at the November Blog A Day event (NOT!), I just had to sign up for this one. The object is to post once a day from Dec 5 to January 6th. I think I can do that. Of course, I thought I could do November, too, and missed 3 or 4 days.

There are two ways to participate. I'm doing the Holidailies at Home. My blog will be listed on the roll, but my posts will not appear on the Holidailies page. I do not aspire to be a writer and I know I will miss entering the information on the portal there. So, I'll just be here.

Off to get tires for the younger son's car so he can return safely to school without fear of a blow-out on the 65 MPH roads that take him there.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Mary Ann - wherever you are.

P.P.S. Ever the joiner, I joined

The only way I actually do SOME work toward something is to join others in the doing. I often fall shy of the goal, but I aspire to achieve it and receive encouragement from the rest of the crazies knitters that sign up. I have at least three sweaters planned... so that's a start!

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Robbyn said...

I've been thinking about the daily thing too, though I would'nt sign up anywhere because I'm so bad at these kinds of things.

But it has it's appeal, doesn't it? And each entry doesn't have to be an epic...

Definitely something to think about!