Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I Almost Forgot to FLASH MY STASH!

I joined the Knitters Tea Swap 2. I've been contacted by my spoiler and have contacted my spoilee. However, I forgot to FLASH MY STASH of tea! Here it is.

About a year and 1/2 ago, a co-worker got a bunch of us hooked on tea. She had found TEAVANA and wanted to share the experience! She had some taste testing going on. She'd find a new kind she liked and would call us all in for a taste in the afternoon. It was good.

Upon her recommendation, I took the plunge and bought the 'Gift Set.' The set included four loose leaf teas in small tins, the "Perfect Teaspoon" to measure the tea into the "Perfect Tea Maker" and German Rock Sugar for sweetening. I liked two of the four teas (I loved the Rooibos Tropica; Maté Vana is okay for a black tea and best served with Milk; the Holiday Blend has a wonderful aroma, but I don't really care for the taste; and Empress of China was just too strong). I liked a few others she had us sample. I stocked up (as you can see in my picture!).

The business apparently began in Georgia (at least their headquarters are in the Atlanta area). My MIL lives outside of Atlanta. On a visit to her home, I was able to stop at the actual store (I had ordered my set online) and pick up some teas and a couple of pretty tea canisters (I'd show you, but I bought them as gifts and have one left to give to my spoilee ... don't want to ruin the surprise!) and was able to taste test and get some pointers from the friendly, helpful staff! (One tip: they put the German Rock Sugar in with the tea leaves and let it sweeten and steep at the same time!)

I believe a store is located at a Mall in my state and I know there is one in the neighboring state (my co-worker shops at that store), but both of these stores are more than an hour away. Some day I'll take a road trip and scout out LYS and the tea store in those areas. For now, I shop on-line!

My stash includes: (day) Rooibos Tropica, Rooibos Chai, Honey Bush Vanilla, Green Tea Heaven; (night) Floral Sunset, Night Night, Egyptian Chamomile; (morning only, with milk) Maté Vana; and (occasionally, but mostly I offer these to tea drinking company) Empress of China, Holiday Blend, and Casablanca Spice.

My maternal Granny drank tea all day long - Tetley Tea bags, two per cup, steeped forever, then sugar and milk. I didn't care for this brew and generally preferred Diet Pepsi over a cuppa with granny! Her dog liked it. Shu-Shu always got a saucerful!

In college, I drank iced tea made in five gallon buckets with industrial-sized tea bags. (I never drank it when it got near the bottom though - boy, was that strong!) I poured it over a 32 oz. glass of ice then added Sweet and Low.

My newly acquired tea fancy comes on the heals of over 25 years of not drinking much tea at all. I was glad to acquire the new taste, and I'm looking forward to seeing and tasting whatever my spoiler picks out for me!


Dorothy said...

Your Granny sounds like she could have done well in Newfoundland. That seems to be how tea is enjoyed there too. There could be six people over for tea, but the teapot never makes it off the shelf.

You teas sound interesting and tasty.

Becky said...

I have never tried this tea, but will have to order some now. Thanks for flashing your stash!

Dorothy said...

I'm still trying to picture those five gallon buckets!

Melannen said...

Ooo I love rooibos teas! Mmmm I may have to try some from TEAVANA!!

KnitterBunny said...

Now that is funny! 5 gallon buckets of tea. Maybe I'll have to do that for the wedding party. Very "farmers at the hog roast" dontcha think?