Saturday, September 09, 2006

My Treat (to me)!

I said earlier that I would not start something new unless two things were done on my WIP list. Well, I finished weaving in all the ends of all the baby hats and booties I found tucked here and there and have prepared them to be sent to my friend Toni to send to MD area hospitals that request them. I finished my Bitchin' Mittens entry. AND I finished my warshrag. So... I cast on my first pair of socks!

These are my first knit socks. I started with these on purpose. They use larger dpns (US6) and smaller amounts of yarn! :) I figured if I totally messed up the sock making I wouldn't have spent much in time and money... but I think it looks pretty good! I did make one mistake and did not frog to correct it, as these are the learning socks. I didn't pick up one of the gusset sides at the correct angle and it's a little holey. I'm going to try a different tack on the second sock and see if that corrects the issue. Otherwise, I'll be looking for help!

These dpns were recommended by the owner of my LYS and they are fabulous - Crystal Palace Bamboo Needles - made from "...specially selected, cured and polished bamboo." I think that 'polished' element is what makes these so easy to use with my cotton/acrylic/nylon yarn from Plymouth Yarn. It is called Wildflower D.K. Fancy and the 50 g ball runs about 116 yards. The color is #841 and it is white blended with variegated primary colors.

I think it's looking cute and it may turn me into a sock maker yet!


Dorothy said...

It is a cute sock. I'm a little intimidated by trying knitting socks on tiny needles too. I may have to give some like that a go though.

Thank you for your donation to The Hera Foundation. I will add your name to the draw. What's a $1.08 after all. I think I may be able to find that amount.

Dorothy said...

congrats on the sock. the heel turn looks professional. I also like those dpns, partly because of their length. the Clover bamboo ones are longer which makes me klutzier with them.

Dave said...

Hey, the "system" is working! Welcome to sockdom!