Saturday, September 02, 2006

Whippin' the Wips into shape...

before any NEW projects can be started.

Well, since that's not really possible, I'll follow the old "Two Steps forward, One Step Back" maxim and require me to finish 2 wips before I start One (and ONLY 1) new project, until all these wips give me back my bedroom! :)

WIP #1 -- I have 8 baby hats to weave in the tails so I can mail them off to my friend that takes them to the hospital. (crochet)

WIP #2 -- I have 3 and 1/2 6"x9" rectangles done for the put together on Saturday, Sept 9 to meet my goal of 21 rectangles (I've turned in 17 already). (crochet)

WIP #3 -- One third finished turquoise baby blanket from One Pound Baby yarn (crochet)

WIP #4 -- One third finished jeweltones lapghan (crochet)

WIP #5 -- barely started 'lullaby' variegated baby afghan (crochet)

WIP #6 -- 3/4 finished baby jacket (crochet)

WIP #7 -- barely started loomed baby bootie (loom)

WIP #8 -- Homespun One Skein scarf - lavender - (crochet)

WIP #9 -- Another lapghan - half done - (crochet)

WIP #10 -- Ball Band warshrag that need about 18 rows to completion

found and added:

WIP #11 -- multidirectional scarf (knit)
WIP #12 -- swirl hat in camo colors (knit)
WIP #13 -- Mitre Square pillow (one square of four complete) (Knit)
WIP #14 -- Mile-a-Minute afghan (just needs putting together!) (crochet)
WIP #15 -- Fir Cone Scarf (knit)
WIP #16 -- My First Baby sock (knit)

These 10 16 (and growing) are just those unearthed in one little corner of my room. I know there are more -- there are three things in my work tote not listed above. I haven't sorted my plastic drawers or tubs yet! The things I listed I found in "Go" bags and a laundry basket I commandeered for yarn storage duty that have been sitting in my "yarn corner". There would have been a longer list, but I took a few minutes and frogged three barely started projects.

I know, I know - I was cheating the WIPster, but I knew I would never continue, let alone, finish those projects.

And you'll notice a trend - they are mostly (crochet), You see I found KNITTING and have been on a knitting acquisition rampage since the Olympics. I forgot the poor forlorned crochet pieces! And, while my stash grew with new fibers, new tools, new patterns, new ideas, these poor things were being buried beneath the new and languishing away under my neglect.

Okay - so the plan is, finish two WIPs before starting on my next PIM (project in mind) and I have MANY!

Think I can do it?

But I really want to try socks.

I shall resist the pull of the puny needles...

I will not succumb!

Oh, but I must finish my Bitchin' Mittens before putting my plan in place! FINISHED!!

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Dorothy said...

our karmas must be aligned or something because I was just today deciding that I absolutely positively cannot start anything new until the majority of my work on needles is off. Finished a sock this afternoon, but have a ways to go in the WIP category. sigh. and I really want to swatch for Franz's sweater...

looking forward to seeing your finished mittens.