Thursday, September 21, 2006

Size Matters!

It is hard to believe these two pairs of mittens have the same number of stitches!

The Charcoal Grey/Brown mittens - made for Bitchin' Mittens - were made with Chunky Merino and size 10.5US dpns. The blue mittens were made using Patons Classic Wool, Worsted Weight, with size 7US dpns. Same exact pattern - Plaid Mittens. Same cast on, same increases and decreases. The only thing that may not be exactly the same is the number of rows on the hand, because the pattern suggests you keep trying the mitten on and stop when the mitten reaches a certain place on your hand. Since the hands that will be wearing these little blue ones were not available to try them on - the little blue ones are destined for The Six Pair Challenge - I had to guestimate the size of the hand. I just made sure I did the second mitten with the same number of rows as the first!

And because I always like to try a new technique, new approach, different patterns, I made the pink/white mittens from Bev's Two Needle Mitten pattern. These mittens were made from Froya Narvik wool, which is 100% pure new wool that 'knits to standard d.k.' and, surprisingly, is machine washable. I can't remember if I used size 7 or 8 needles, but they turned out about the same size as the blue ones.

I'm satisfied with the results, the time it took to make them and the patterns. I think I'll do matching hats and mittens for Dulaan. A few sets anyway. Dulaan knitting will start after Christmas I think... except for the "October sign up and commit to five items" drive. I finished these two pairs of mittens (and several triangles on my shawl) this week. I'll be able to do more than five Dulaan items!


Dorothy said...

I keep thinking about making a risque joke about this title, but... well, better not.

I have just one word for you! (do I have to say it? :) )

mittens all look great btw. I am still scared of them with the little thumbs and all. But you seem to have mastered the dpns because the stitches in the thumbs look just as uniform as the rest.

Dorothy said...

Love the mittens. Great job and it is really crazy how different weights of yarn and needles sizes can change a pattern.