Saturday, September 23, 2006

Saturday Skies on a 16th Birthday

Today my baby is 16! To celebrate, he wanted to attend Virgin Festival ("virgin" as in Virgin Records and Virgin Mobile so you can just stop, okay? :))

Virgin Festival

I did not want to attend and was going to drive him and his friend there, hang out at Columbia Mall, pick up some tea at the Teavana store there. Then I'd wander over to Ellicott City and pick up some fiber at the Celtic Knot and maybe have lunch or dinner with a friend that lives up that way - ending my day at the beginning by picking the boys up at Pimlico. Turns out the friend's whole family was going, so my son got to ride along with them and I got to sleep in!
As you can see by my Saturday Sky pics - it was a perfect day for sleeping in... I still want to go to the tea store and the Celtic Knot, but I can now do that as the sole destination rather that as a 'fill your day' maneuver!

I hope it stays cloudy and breezy and holds off on the dumping of the water and the possible thunder and lightening until they are home.

Let me present our Saturday Sky!

edited several times because I can't seem to get my act together today! :)

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Dorothy said...

Happy Belated Sixteenth!